Can you see our products in your storefront?

Consignment offers an easy way to introduce amazing items to your store and attract new customers while minimizing risk and upfront costs.

Selling Matchstick Goods through Consignment

Step 1: Decide which Products You'd Like to Stock

Browse our website or catalog, and decide which products you'd like to sell in your store. We're happy to help you think through which products will perform the best in your context.

Step 2: We Handle Delivery and Marketing Materials

We've intentionally made the consignment process as easy as possible! Once you let us know which items you'd like to start off with, we will drop off your selection along with marketing materials. We will also provide a short contract that outlines the consignment rate.

Step 3: We Check in Each Month

That's it! We handle the upkeep of checking in each month to see if you need additional product, and delivering those pieces to your storefront. You can also choose to swap out the products in your store for others at any point.