Custom Orders

Looking for something specific?

We want to bring your vision to life! Whether it's mugs branded with your logo, custom gifts for clients or employees, or something not represented in our catalog at all, we'd be honored to be your creative partner!

Getting Started with a Custom Order

Step 1: Chat about Your Ideas

Reach out and let us know what you have in mind! We're here to help you take your idea from napkin-sketch to a beautifully crafted ceramic piece. We will work with you to make sure your idea looks, functions, and feels exactly how you want. Examples of custom orders can include:

  • Pieces in our existing catalog, but with minor tweaks (ex: "I like your spoon rest, but could we do a different design inside it?")
  • Pieces in our existing catalog, but with a logo or slogan attached (ex: "Can I get a batch of mugs with our corporate logo on them?)
  • Something totally different! Whether its a series of vases, a batch of custom earrings, or a decorative ceramic sculpture of a turtle: whatever it is, we want to hear it!
Step 2: We Handle any Design Work

Once we hear your ideas, we'll get to work. If this requires any design work, such as reformatting a logo to work on a mug, we will do this in-house and always send a mockup or physical example to get your thoughts. We will also double check on specifics such as the size, shape, and glaze colors.

Step 3: We Keep you Updated & Deliver Your Order!

After working through any product design troubleshooting, we will send you a final test piece for your approval before crafting the rest of the order. We will keep you up to date on the timeline, and then coordinate a drop-off time upon completion.


We had such a wonderful experience working with Matchstick Goods. Matchstick helped us create a truly unique gift for our valued customers, our Farm Share CSA Members. We were looking to create a new gift that was in alignment with our values, felt authentic, and conveyed our deep gratitude to the people who support our farm. Matchstick Goods helped us achieve all of that. They listened to us about our goals and knocked it out of the park by creating a unique ceramic herb culinary tool, available only to our Farm Share Members. I will definitely work with them again.

Bree Pearsall, Rootbound Farm