Our Story



We envision an artistic community of diverse students exploring wonder, creativity, craft and entrepreneurship. We desire for young people to experience new possibilities.  

How We Got Started

Laura and John Gallaher started Common Good in 2011 after spending time living near and connecting with families in North Lexington. They felt a deep sense of belonging and decided to create a place for their neighbors to feel the same. Their passion and dedication opened Common Good’s doors to families craving an inclusive community. Through education, recreation, creativity, spiritual formation, and meaningful relationships, Common Good creates spaces for students and families to feel safe and loved.

In 2019, a committee comprised of Laura, Malipo (a CG student) and Jonathan (a CG graduate) piloted the idea for a business that would serve to mentor and employ youth from our neighborhood. In 2020, they launched a social enterprise called Matchstick Goods with the aim of creating a space for creativity to blossom and for community members to be empowered through fair-wage jobs.

Over the past four years, Matchstick Goods has provided employment opportunities for twelve Common Good youth and graduates who have in turn designed products, represented the organization at sales and events, and grown the business with their leadership, creativity, and hard work.

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